Ace offer the industry's most effective and advanced transport management system (TMS) known as Verba.

Our in house Verba TMS self designed and implemented software has been custom built for our company. It is paperless, and offers features including direct server to server import, web portal access for clientele, live track and trace, instant POD retrieval, GPS vehicle tracking, well as RCTI capabilities amongst many other industry leading features and developments. The Verba TMS is built and maintained by us for our industry, it is constantly being upgraded, to ensure we stay ahead of our competition.


Our in house book and despatch system allows us to input jobs directly in to our live despatch screen. Gone are the days on writing a job down on a pad or notebook. Our despatch screens are divided in to specific zones giving us total control of all bookings when allocating work to our drivers. Our live refreshing screens allow us to piece together the most accurate runs for our drivers, and give us the ability to continually load on the go, covering the hardest cars at almost any time of the day.


Our drivers use a tailor built mobile app, not old school docket books to receive, capture and deliver vehicles. Once a job is despatched to our driver they receive details directly to a supplied phone. Clunky old school pods are replaced by an app on a smart phone. Drivers have the ability to update booking details, scan VIN numbers, insert damage information & photos when required and complete each job with sign on glass signature technology.All of this information becomes an instant POD, emailed straight to the nominated person/s.


Ace use the latest and best Melbourne based GPS tracking system that allows us to see all of our drivers in live time. The old guess work terms of “just around the corner” or “5 minutes away” are not acceptable in modern day vehicle delivery. Ace can pin point a driver to the corner via GPS and google mapping technology.



Dozens of our clients by pass the phone calls and email ques and book their cars directly in to the live despatch system. Not only do they benefit from faster turnaround times in delivery, but they get the added ability to track and trace their vehicles in live time, produce on the spot POD’s when required and produce reports. The client web portal takes customer interaction to a whole new level.


Ace have developed an app for the on the road buyer and seller. Booking a job over the phone while driving, or walking through car lots and auctions is eliminated by a customer booking app. A quick interactive set up allows a job to be entered straight in to our live despatch system. Best of all it can be personalised for each specific user.


Large volume clients can connect directly to our live despatch screen and have their bookings imported via server to server direct link. A huge advantage sees the same information used from the initial import all the way through the despatch system, driver app, accounts and then back to the client eliminating double handling errors.


On a daily basis all delivered bookings are exported from our book despatch system, and imported in to our accounts system. Invoices are sent out daily, along with a monthly statement.Issues and recharges are fixed on the spot, eliminating invoicing delays.

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